JCHX¡¯s strategy is to simultaneously and vigorously develop five business scopes covering mine construction & contract mining, equipment manufacturing, scientific & technological research, resources development, trade of minerals & mining equipment, with mine construction and contract mining as our core businesses, continuously expanding the other four scopes to reach a full industrial chain.

In recent years, mechanization and automation have become the main topics during the development of mine construction & contract mining, which largely facilitates the improvement in work quality and efficiency while upgrading safety. The integration of engineering design institute, research institute, and technical teams provides us more competitiveness, the national post-doctor workstation, trackless equipment simulators and paste filling lab as well provide us a wider platform for scientific research work. Kingnor, the joint venture between JCHX and Normet, is manufacturing world-class mining equipment, introduces state-of-the-art technique and product into China. And maintenance workshops in Kunming, Miyun, Daye and Zambia provide us a solid foundation for equipment maintenance and rebuild; JCHX has made substantial progress in resources development and trade of minerals and products.

The five business scopes provide solid strength for the expansion of both domestic & overseas markets. Especially under ¡°The Belt and Road Initiative¡± JCHX starts to seek more potentials in global market while growing in Africa and strives to become leading mining corporation.