Within past 20 years JCHX has grasped the opportunity and forged ahead to realize healthy and sustainable growth, it faithfully stuck to the core values of ¡°Customer-Oriented Approach, Harmonious Development¡± as well as business philosophy of ¡°People-oriented approach, Integrity, Abreast of times, Pursuit of excellence¡±. Through attracting talent, expanding market, enhancing brand awareness, nowadays JCHX has developed into a professional service provider for engineering design, mine development and construction, contract mining, and research & development in the non-ferrous, ferrous and chemical industries.

Carrying forward a new journey of historical moment, JCHX has overcome all difficulties in fulfilling the fourth 5-year plan, and changed mindset in expanding both domestic and overseas markets. With its development strategy as the core, JCHX has vigorously developed five major business scopes including mine construction & contract mining, equipment manufacturing, scientific & technological research, resources development, trade of minerals & mining equipment, aiming to become a world-class mining company covering whole industrial chain.

In the days to come, we will maintain the spirit of integrity and credibility, continue to improve management level, strengthen innovation, continuously enhance technological expertise and capability, and keep on to contribute as the planner, designer, builder and administrator of safe, environmentally sound, digital and automated mines.

JCHX has acquired remarkable achievements and created several ¡°national records¡± and ¡°world-class¡± in recent years by implementation of such grand strategy: it has constructed the deepest shaft in China, undertaken the largest underground non-ferrous metal mine in China, utilized state-of-the-art equipment and machineries, built four maintenance workshops & spare parts centers home and abroad, established world-leading paste filling laboratory and made world-class equipment with renowned global manufacturer. Besides JCHX has positively responded to ¡°The Belt and Road Initiative¡± and vigorously implemented strategy of ¡°Going Global¡± in a way of overseas cooperation, project construction, business expansion, and brand establishment, demonstrating our solid determinations and lofty aspiration to triumph in mining sector.

Storms prompt trees to take deeper roots. Nowadays JCHX has released a blueprint of ¡°Three Steps¡± strategy, which shall become reality by remaining true to our original aspiration and keeping our mission firmly in mind, keeping up our spirit, standing on solid ground, uniting all strengths, maintaining strong sense of responsibilities, to bring about a great rejuvenation of China under the guidance of 19th CPC National Congress, to realize China Dream, to build JCHX a century-old brand, and to satisfy our shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, social communities through foul and fair with most outstanding achievements.