Dec 1 2018, monthly development by M2C in Nov 2018 achieved 527m in Chambishi Project of JCHX Zambia, renewing Zambia national record.

Dec 1 2018, monthly excavation volume in Yinshan Project set a record high of 10,000m3 in Nov.
From 17 to 30 Dec 2018, the first training course for ¡°The Belt and Road¡± overseas employees was successfully completed in Beijing Polytechnic College and Shanxi Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.
Nov 8 2018, ¡®Research and Application of Mechanized Drilling and Blasting in Rock Drift¡¯ conducted by JCHX won the Second Prize of Scientific and Technological Progress awarded by CSEB.

Nov 18 2018, Chambishi Project broke the record of Overseas Division by 6624 tons for daily output.
Nov 18 2018, Chambishi Project broke the record of Overseas Division by 6624 tons for daily output.

19 Oct 2018, Beijing Federation of Industry and Commerce and Government of Huairou jointly held the ¡®Press Conference of Top 100 Private Enterprises in Beijing for 2018¡¯ where JCHX ranked No.83 of ¡®Top 100 Private Enterprises in Beijing¡¯ and No.24 of ¡®Top 100 Private Enterprises of Social Responsibility in Beijing¡¯.

The 60th anniversary ceremony of Jiangxi University of Science & Technology (JXUST) was held in Ganzhou on 27 Oct 2018 where JCHX executives were invited to participate in the celebration and the opening ceremony of ¡®Pavilion of Ascend¡¯ in the name of donation.
2 Sept 2018, JCHX Cup for Mining Professional Skills Competition in nonferrous metal industry for 2018 hosted by CNMIA and JCHX successfully completed.

20 Sept 2018, Investment Seminar of High-tech District of Daye Lake and Showcase of Kingnor Products was held in Daye, Hubei province.
21 July 2018, Kamoa Project achieved a new African record by monthly development of 356.8m in large-section decline.

30 July 2018, lateral development at 3600mL & 3700mL of initial mining area of Pulang Copper Mine was officially started.¡£
3 June 2018, JCHX was awarded the contract for UG development at DongAn Gold Mine by Heihe Yintai Mining Development Co., Ltd.
In the mid of May 2018, the internal combustible drilling jumbo developed by JCHX and Kaishan Heavy Industry Group was officially put into use after half month of commissioning, which was a newly-invented product.

16 May 2018, the first MPVs manufactured by Kingnor was officially launched.
22 April 2018, an opening ceremony for Lijiang JCHX Hotel invested by Yunnan JCHX was held.
On March 6 2018, ¡°Key technology and equipment development for backfilling with solid waste in stoping area¡± done by JCHX and USTB was accepted by Beijing Science and Technology Commission.

On March 6 2018, the commissioning ceremony of Kingnor Mining Equipment Co., Ltd was held in Daye.
On Feb 20 2018, decline development at Kakula Copper Mine Project achieved the quarterly target of 440m 15 days ahead of schedule.
On Jan 18 2018, Global Strategic Cooperation Agreement was signed between JCHX and Sandvik.
On 5 December 2017, 20th Anniversary of JCHX and Mining Development Forum was held in Beijing Empark Grand Hotel.

On December 7 2017, jointly completed by JCHX Mining Management Co., Ltd. and Beijing University of Science and Technology, the Scientific and Technological Achievement of "Tailing Paste Treatment Technology Engineering Laboratory Construction" has successfully passed the technical review, and was highly praised by experts.
In November 2017, JCHX and KCM Company signed a five-year contract on a new project with value of 500 million U.S. dollars.

On November 11 2017, Baiyu Project held a ceremony and officially entered the newly completed office and living compound.

JCHX won the bid for underground mining and drilling operations (first section) project of Jiangxi Copper Group Yinshan Mining Co., Ltd.

JCHX won the bid for Huangchanggou Mining Expansion (1st phase) Project of Guizhou Jinfeng Mining Co Ltd, with the contract value of over 169 million yuan.

Yunnan JCHX Mining Management Co., Ltd. won the bid for Kylin Pit and Yuejin Pit second section Mining Project of Yunnan Chi Hong Zinc Germanium Co., Ltd Huize Mining branch.

On November 27 2017, a grand housewarming ceremony was held inside the Central South Branch in Daye City¡¯s Northwest Industrial Park, where Hubei JCHX Base is located.
On October 19 2017, JCHX successfully won the bid for the decline development at Kamoa Copper Mine Project in DRC, with contract value of 24.47 million U.S. dollars and the duration of 12 months.
From September 23-25th 2017, JCHX attended the 19th session of China International Mining Conference & Expo in Tianjin, and has drawn attention from peers.
On August 8 2017, JCHX and Normet Oy (Finland) signed a joint venture agreement on mining equipment manufacturing, which marks the company's official entry into the business of mining equipment manufacturing.

On August 9 2017, the newly awarded tender of the lifting belt project of Kailin phosphorus project of Niuganchong Mining section officially broke earth.
JCHX DRC office building is completed successfully in July 2017.
Monthly development in Chambishi Project with BM-50 created a national record in Zambia of 485.7 meters in July 2017.
On June 15-18th 2017, the 20th session of the International Symposium on paste filling and tailing thickening was successfully held in Beijing.
On May 10 2017, JCHX Mining Construction (Zambia) held the groundbreaking ceremony of the maintenance workshop.

On May 12 2017, development, mining and cutting engineering of the 785 terminal of Tonglushan XI ore body was successfully completed.
On April 18 2017, Economic Reference Daily from Xinhua News Agency released the headline of ¡°Whole Industry Chain Layout of JCHX Mines¡±.

On April 28 2017, JCHX's headquarters was relocated to Beijing Fengtai Science and Technology Park in the new building and a grand housewarming ceremony was held.
March 2017, the commissioning ceremony of first phase of the production of Pulang copper mining & concentrating plant (the largest domestic UG non-ferrous mine) was held in March 2017, ranking the first level as for our company¡¯s natural block caving method with annual output of 12.5 million tons.
Gong Qingtian, Li Honghui won the title of "National Metal Industry Engineering Survey Design Master" in March 2017.
JCHX was nominated the annual "Beijing hundred shortlisted Non-State-Owned Enterprises fulfilling the social responsibilities¡± in Feb 2017.
Chairman Wang Xiancheng was awarded the honorary title of "2016 Top Ten Expatriate Wenzhou Entrepreneurs" in Jan 2017.
Two 10,000m+ drives were successfully connected in Tongjin Project in Nov 2016.
The deepest shaft in China - 3# Shaft in Huize Lead & Zinc Mine which was constructed by JCHX was successfully put into operation in Oct 2016.
JCHX was awarded ¡°Best Service Provider in Gold Industry for 2016¡± by China Gold Congress.
Xitieshan Project commenced production in Feb 2016.
In Jan 2016, JCHX signed the contract for Phase¢ñMining & Dressing Project for Pulang Copper Mine - biggest underground nonferrous metal mine in China.
JCHX (JCX£º603979) was listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange in June 2015.
President Wang Xiancheng was honored as model worker by Beijing Municipal Committee, and People¡¯s Government of Beijing in May 2015.
On April 3rd 2015, Hubei JCHX Mining Services Co., Ltd. was registered in Daye, Hubei Province.
In December 2014, the West Ore Body Development Project at Chambishi Copper Mine in Zambia, contracted by JCHX, was awarded ¡°Luban Award of National Construction Works (Overseas Projects) for 2014¡± by China Construction Association.
In June 2014, ¡°JCHX¡± was rated as Beijing Famous Brand.
In April 2014, JCHX International Mining Investment Limited was registered in Seychelles.
On September 5th 2013, Beijing JCHX Raise Boring Company Limited was established and put into operation.
On July 19th 2013, Beijing JCHX Mining Technology Research Institution Co., Ltd was established.
On April 26th 2013, JCHX was awarded the National Labor Day Medal for 2013 by All-China Federation of Trade Unions.
In October 2012,¡¡JCHX was accredited for the HSE and Project Construction Company Quality Management, establishing the Four-In-One Management System.
In May 2011, JCHX Mining Management Co Ltd was restructured into a share holding company with limited liability.
In August 2010, JCHX Group went through assets reorganization, and shifted its main business (mine construction and development, mining operation, etc) into JCHX Mining Management Co., Ltd.
On November 12th 2008, Mr. Wang Xiancheng, the Board Chairman, was selected as the Academician of World Academy of Productivity and Science
On July 18th, 2008, JCHX Mining Construction Company was officially renamed as JCHX Mining Construction Group Co Ltd upon the approval of NAIC.
On January 7th 2008, JCHX Mining Management Co., Ltd. was registered and established in Miyun County, Beijing
On May 20th, 2005, JCHX was issued Foreign Engineering Contracting Qualification Certificate for Overseas Projects from the Ministry of Commerce of the People¡¯s Republic of China.
On December 30th, 2004, JCHX was issued the First Grade General Contracting Qualification for Mine Construction Works by the Ministry of Construction of the People¡¯s Republic of China.
On November 30th, 2004, JCHX was approved for the accreditation of Quality Management System, Environmental Management System and the Occupational Health & Safety Management System.
On July 14th, 2004, the company was renamed as ¡°JCHX Mining Construction Co., Ltd.¡± upon the approval of State Administration for Industry and Commerce.
On October 10th, 2003, JCHX was awarded with an Independent Foreign Trade Management and Circulation Permit (Import & Export License) upon the approval of the Foreign Economic Relations and Trade Committee.
On December 5th, 1997, Beijing JCHX Mining Construction Co., Ltd was established upon the approval of Ministry of Metallurgical Industry.