As people are the cornerstones of JCHX. It recruits hundred of new graduates from universities colleges each year. Besides, it also attracts talents through social recruitment, such as technical and management staff from domestic research institutes, large mining enterprises or construction companies in non-ferrous, metallurgical, gold or coal mining industries. By now it has formed a highly-qualified, well-structured, very experienced and excellent team. JCHX promotes ¡°Family Culture¡±, builds thorough remuneration, welfare, training and simulation system for the employees, implements echelon formation and one-on-one training system, strengthens ideological and political works, organize interesting and meaningful entertaining activities, to build a harmonious and promising platform.

JCHX provides massive employment opportunities as well as training program for local residence through more than 30 projects both home and abroad, thus making tremendous contributions to the improvements of local employment condition.