Miyun Project Completed Annual Target for 2018

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Under the guidance and support from the management of both branch company and HQ, with efforts of all project members led by Manager Zhu Siwen, all production targets for 2018 were achieved in Miyun Project.
        Full implementation of mechanized mining was the priority in 2018. Monthly advancement and excavation by Boomer 281 were respectively 301m and 4080m3, 34% and 23% higher than in 2017; Monthly advancement by Simba1354 was 9333m, 2% higher than in 2017, and feasibility of rotation rest system was verified; total output was 33% higher than in 2017, monthly production record was broke for several times in Miyun project.
        In July of 2018, Miyun Project encountered unprecedented storms, which brought tremendous influence to production and living on site. Under the instruction and support from local government and client, project team fought against flood and provided relief, maintained the sustainable growth in production, which was awarded by local government.
        In face of new situation and more intense challenges, we shall forge ahead with no regrets, break new ground in an enterprising gesture, and achieve greater success for JCHX in the near future.