The Company Signed a $500 Million Contract with KCM

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Taking advantage of the tail wind of the victorious wrap-up of CPC's 19th Congress, exciting good news came from JCHX overseas business development. Recently, Master Mine Service Zambia Limited the wholly-owned subsidiary of JCHX intends to enter into a General Contract for Infrastructure and Mining Engineering with Konkola Copper Mines Plc ("KCM "), with estimated total contract value of about 503,663,500 USD, for project duration of 5 years with scope of works including development of No. 4 Shaft, preliminary mining, mining production and other related works for Konkola Copper Mine.
        KCM is the largest copper company in the Republic of Zambia, with one of the highest grade copper mines in the world of extremely rich copper resources. At present, KCM has two open-pit mines and two underground mines, of which the Konkola copper mine is the mine development project with largest investment in Zambia in recent 50 years. The mine is now producing 2 million tonnes of copper ore, and its capacity is expected to reach 6 million tonnes with deep mining projects reaching production.
        Since 2012, our company began to undertake mining development services for KCM. In August 2012, the company was successfully awarded the decline and milling project of KCM. In October 2013, the company signed the contract for mining operation and management with KCM. And in May 2016, the company and KCM signed the mining engineering contract for No.1 shaft and the supplementary agreement for No. 1 shaft development. For more than five years of cooperation, our company has firmly adhered to the concept of "Customer Supreme". With mighty capacity in technique and equipment, high-quality construction level and dedicated work ethic, we gained sincere trust and respect from our client and have established a solid foundation for continuation of a broadened cooperation.
        The signing of the new infrastructure construction and mining contract with KCM is of great significance to our company’s vigorous implementation of the "going-out" internationalization strategy, promotion of international business and expansion of overseas market, but also demonstrates our company’s core competence in mining market of Zambia. The influx of good news on development of overseas business witnessed the effectiveness of secondary pioneering, vigorously boosted smooth implementation of "Four - Five" strategy, and strengthened the confidence of the company to achieve vision of long-term development. It’s believed that with the acceleration of this excellent momentum, under the joint efforts of both domestic and overseas divisions, JCHX will for sure create better performance to pursue the dream of building a centennial brand.