Pulang Project Exceeded the Target for November

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In November 2018, monthly output of 704602.9t of ore was achieved at completion rate of 108.3%, and highest daily output of 32871t, which hit a record high since the commissioning from 16 Mar 2017.
        As moving toward the target of 12.5 million t/y, we still face a lot of obstacles such as maintenance by client, alternate mucking work, equipment failures in concentrator and hauling system, and remedy of deformed lateral S4. Under the leadership of JCHX and coordination with client, all these obstacles were conquered one by one. Targeting at daily output of 26000t, Pulang Project devoted all efforts in a way of adjustment of work arrangement, and improvement of process control.
        Taking this achievement as a new beginning, Pulang Project will keep to its original mind, be honest and down-to-earth, and endeavor to reach the 12.5mtpa target as soon as possible.