Excavation Volume in Yinshan Project Hit a Record-high of 10000m3

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In November, excavation volume hit a record-high of 10000m3 in Yinshan Project, while monthly development by AA010 drilling jumbo achieved 450.5m, renewing the record.
        In order to ensure work quality and improve blasting efficiency, all sections shall be inspected daily upon completion of drilling, and jumbo operators will be required to draw outlines in each section, supplemented by training and assessment, to ensure smooth construction in accordance with blasting layouts. Besides, each shift boss shall provide strong backup for drilling jumbos, a face-to-face shift change will be required, water pipes and cables to the jumbo shall be inspected prior to work, air ducts and lighting cables shall be extended, so as to provide good operation circumstances for jumbo.
        Since April 2018, Yinshan Project kept accomplishing missions, which attributed to high performance of management, support from HQ, as well as concerted efforts of all teams on site. We believe that Yinshan Project would overcome all difficulties and make remarkable achievements in the future.