Precise Transfixion of West Decline at Jinfeng Gold Mine

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On December 18, a precise transfixion was realized at west decline of Jinfeng Gold Mine.
        As one of the key projects for Guizhou Jinfeng Mining Limited, west decline of Huangchanggou Ore Block (Phase I) Expansion Project is totally 1919.6m long. In order to accelerate construction progress, improve underground ventilation for west decline, and spare hauling capacity for the main decline, final determination was made through mutual discussion with Client that three levels would be constructed simultaneously, including level 350-290m, level 290-205m, and level 435-350m (685.279m), the longest of all. Up and down crossing development was applied so as to shorten construction period.
        As bedrock at level 435-350m is relatively crushed, ground pressure kept increasing as development went further down, even the roadway was deformed in one way or another. Based on the principle of ‘controlled blasting, short advancing, intensive support, frequent survey’, labors and responsibilities were clarified, and procedures were performed according to the approved development plan, so as to ensure safe and precise development, which was recognized by the client and supervisors.