Successful Completion of ¡°Belt and Road¡± Training Session for JCHX Overseas Employees

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In the morning of 30 December 2018, a graduation ceremony was held in JCHX headquarter for 20 overseas trainees after their 16-day training course. Fan Shunke, Deputy Party Secretary and Secretary of Committee for Discipline Inspection of CNMIA, Wang Xiancheng, Party Secretary and Chairman of JCHX, and other leaders extended their sincere welcome and awarded certificates of completion after decent discussion.
        “Belt and Road” International Talents Training Program was held by CNMIHR under the support of CNMIA. All trainees came from JCHX overseas operations, either Zambia or DRC. With the expansion of domestic markets and overseas markets, more and more overseas projects were developed with more overseas employees being recruited.
        Having arrived at JCHX 9:00 in the morning, trainees first visited the exhibition room, where the company history, business strategy, and project situation were learned. They genuinely complimented JCHX for its untiring entrepreneurship and rapid development.
        After that, a meeting was held in conference room, where Chairman Wang delivered his speech. First he extended his sincere gratitude to CNMIHR, Beijing Polytechinc College and Shanxi Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering for their support and organization. He reviewed developing history of JCHX’s business in Africa. He said improving overseas employees’ skills was one of the most important strategies. He hoped that they could applied these skills in site construction and management, and make more contributions to personal career and overseas business, as they were shouldering the mission of promoting international development.
        Fan Shunke, Deputy Party Secretary and Secretary of Committee for Discipline Inspection of CNMIA, delivered his speech that this training course was developed on account of “Belt and Road” initiative, and “going global” vocational education program. As one of the pioneers positively responding “Belt and Road” initiative, JCHX made a significant contribution to building Africa. He sincerely hoped that JCHX would be integrated into the grand strategy of opening up to the outside world, keep up with the times, adapt to the new trend so as to make more achievements, meanwhile, all trainees would put what they learned into practice to create more benefits for themselves and for JCHX.
        On behalf of Beijing Polytechnic College, training base of “Belt and Road” initiative, Tang Zhengqing, Director of International Exchange & Cooperation, mentioned targeted courses and colorful activities were organized during these 16 days, to train them with skills and knowledge in expectation of making them into pillars of society.
        Apart from that, overseas trainees extended their sincere gratitude for such precious opportunity. They believed that what they learned in the training courses would encourage them to work even harder, and they would play important roles in making JCHX one of the best mining companies over the world.
        At last all trainees were issued certificates upon completion of their training course, and as well some souvenirs.