Visit to Chambishi Mine by Vice GM of CNMC

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In the morning of 04 Feb 2019, Yan Diyong, Vice GM, Xu Helin, Director of Safety Division, and other officials from CNMC paid a visit to West Orebody of Chambishi Project, conveyed the expectations for 2019, and delivered sincere greetings to all Chinese employees on site on behalf of Wang Tongzhou, Chairman of CNMC.
        Under the company of management from JCHX-Zambia, the delegation first visited the working area on 482ml of west orebody where M2C drilling jumbo was under operation, after which a safety production meeting was held in 364# maintenance chamber. Having seen that UG operations were conducted safely and in an orderly fashion, particularly well-organized civilization works and efficient M2C operation, Mr. Yan was quite impressed and satisfied, he also highly recognized the achievements of production targets despite of all difficulties.
        In view of the target in 2019, Mr. Yan raised stricter requirements, first continue to fulfil output target under safety terms, second make new breakthroughs by careful organization and fully utilization of M2C drilling jumbo, last but not least, vigorously implement the spirit of safety production, constantly perfect accountability systems, strengthen target management, and enhance awareness among all employees.
        After the visit, a meeting was held for all management and executives to make further arrangements as required.