Monthly Development Broke the Record by Dongan Gold Mine Project

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On 25 Jan 2019, Dongan Gold Mine Project not only completed monthly development target ahead of schedule, but also broke the record.
        Having conquered all difficulties caused by extremely low temperature -30¡æ, the team on site created several records, such as 233m of single end development of decline in November 2018, 471m of sublevel development in December, and 486.5m of total development in January, which laid a solid foundation for subsequent production.
        The freezing weather and outburst of water inflow no doubt are the biggest obstacles during work. The management from HQ and branches provided tremendous support with respect to equipment selection, procurement and logistics to ensure smooth discharge and maximize pumping. Equipment and devices for cover drilling and grouting had been mobilized to site in advance.
        Whenever water inflow occurred, while optimizing drainage system to improve pumping and water prevention, the excavation order for new sections needed to be rearranged based on changed situations, to realize accurate site command and timely extension of services. Therefore, development schedule was exposed to more uncertainties and bigger difficulties, management and technical personnel on site worked day and night to find solutions. They promptly reported site condition and work progress, carefully arranged shift and blasting, shortened preparation for drilling work; and by coordination with charging man and technical team, improved blasting efficiency and advance rate.
        On Jan 21, decline development work was resumed after days of struggle in pumping, with efforts of all crew on site, and surprisingly with record-breaking advancement without any compromise in safety.
        These achievements fully embodied the trust and support from Client, and moreover demonstrated strong willpower of fearlessness and perseverance of JCHX employees.