Daily Output Broke the Record by Haikuang Shilu Project

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On Feb 17, under the concerted efforts of all employees in Haikuang Shilu Project, daily output reached 10028 tons in 61 trucks, breaking the record.
        In September 2018, JCHX was awarded the contract for mining production by Hainan Mining Company Limited. According to the production schedule, average daily output in 2019 shall outnumber 10,000 tons. Due to limited hoisting capacity and commissioning of crushing system, target had yet been achieved. But as 1# shaft was put back into service and continuous improvement in crushing, hoisting and processing systems, production ramped up. Especially under the support from management, mechanization level had been upgraded and production systematically programmed, even after spring festival nearly all employees returned to work on Feb 12, equipment such as locomotives and mining trucks were maintained during holidays, which played important role in fulfilling the aforesaid achievement.
        We shall never be satisfied with the record. In 2019, JCHX will continue to stress safety production and strive to complete or even surpass the annual targets.