South African Safety Officer from JCHX Overseas Division Visited Pulang Project

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On Aug. 22, Mr. Marais, South African Safety Officer from JCHX Overseas Division visited Pulang Project where he was warmly welcomed, and he exchanged ideas of safety management with local staff.
        Mr. Marais is the newly employed safety officer of JCHX Overseas Division who has rich experience in safety management at overseas large-scale mines. The purpose of his visit is to have a better understanding of JCHX policy and practice in safety management, so as to integrate Chinese practice with his know-how for better safety management in the coming days.
        In the morning of Aug. 22, Mr. Marais received safety induction before he visited underground maintenance chamber and observed the practice of drive development and the practice of ore bogging. He suggested that distinguishable signal lights should be put in place for blind spots and visible areas, so that anyone accessing the ore drawing level would know the safe locations. He also recommended that more attention should be paid to dust control.
        Mr. Marais was impressed by the local earthing of power distribution box, which is not a common practice in Zambia. He really appreciated the safety management works at Pulang Project.
        His visit enabled Chinese management and technical staff at Pulang Project to realize the differences between domestic and international practices in safety management, and to enhance future safety works based on complementary advantages.