Yinshan Project Witnessed a Success in Experimental Medium-Long Hole Blasting of Steep Thin Orebody

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At 16:00 Aug 25, the last cut of experiment on medium-long hole blasting of steep thin orebody at Yinshan Project was accomplished in a deafening boom. Upon double-check and confirmation by both JCHX engineers and the owner of project, the experiment was agreed to be a success. The stope was formed as per the design with the oversize was less than 10% of the broken ore.
        Previously, shrinkage mining method was commonly applied at Yinshan Project for steep thin orebody. It is a comparatively simple process, unfortunately it always results in poor working environment, more safety risks, lower productivity and longer stoping cycle. Sublevel cut & fill method was also applied at Yinshan Project on 378mL and 478mL, which is commonly seen in case of medium-thick and thick orebody. However certain scale of steep thin orebody with high grade was identified therein, for which short-hole shrinkage mining method is no longer suitable, and a new method featuring high efficiency and safety was urgently required. Ideas were exchanged between JCHX and the owner of project and a decision was made to try out new methods at 288mL starting from June.
        Combing through the geological data and considering site condition, JCHX engineers proposed to conduct the experiment between 273mL and 243mL. Then further discussions were had among JCHX site management, JCHX engineers and the owner of project, after which a final decision was made to have the first experimental cut for the stope at 258mL and 243mL. With the number and pattern of drill holes decided, Simba 1254 long hole rig was mobilized to drill holes under the supervision by JCHX engineers to ensure the quality of drilling. Totally 6 cuts were fired and the stope was formed as per the design with low dilution rate.
        This experiment is another triumph since the successful experiment was done to form the raise with a single blast. JCHX was again highly appreciated by the owner of project.