A New Record of 200kt Monthly Production Achieved at Miyun Project

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As of Aug 30, the monthly ore production target has been successfully completed at Miyun Project with an output peaking at 200,033.05t, renewing the record. It also enabled the Owner to boost iron concentrate production (up to 68kt) and concentration rate to a record high. It was a hard-won victory in the flood season that the team at Miyun Project was highly appreciated by the owner of project.
        August is rainy season in Beijing which often means a hard time for production on site. In order to prepare against the possible adverse impacts caused by storm water, dewatering plans have been made beforehand to deal with the water built up in the open pit, drainage channels were cleared and sand bags were put in place to divert the flow. Strengthened maintenance and inspections were done to ensure the availability and proper functioning of pumps. Owing to such preventive measures, production in August was completed successfully with new record achieved, despite of the heavy rain.
        Team at Miyun Project is fully confident and determined to make further breakthroughs in the coming months.