JCHX Won Production Safety Award for Decline #1 at Lubambe Project

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On Aug 30, JCHX received the “Production Safety Award” for their good performance at Decline #1 of Lubambe Project.
        The owner of the project, Lubambe Copper Mine Limited, is a western company which applies higher safety standards. Their recent adjustment to the production plan has put lots of pressures on JCHX team at Lubambe Project. Nevertheless, management personnel on site unswervingly stuck to high standards and requirements, and urged all members to further improve safety performance and civilized production. Sun Xiangrui, Assistant to Section Foreman and Wang Qi, Section PIC strictly followed the guidelines and instructions from leaders, and dedicated themselves to bringing safety and civilized construction works to a higher level, while accomplishing production targets.
        With joint efforts made by all members, the good performance done by JCHX at Decline #1 was appreciated by the owner and the “Production Safety Award” was granted to Lubambe Project.