Successful Breakthrough of Main Decline at Huanggang Project

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A letter of congratulation was sent by Huanggang Mining Co., Ltd on 10 Sept 2019, appreciating the successful breakthrough of main decline achieved by JCHX at Huanggang Project, which marked the commencement of production at Section I.
        It took thirteen years to develop this 4150m long decline with the first blast fired in 2006. In Nov 2006, a national record was achieved with 222.6m monthly development. The whole construction process was unfortunately impeded by several adversities, which led to multiple suspensions.
        Regardless of the obstacles, tremendous efforts were made on emphasizing safety, expediting progress and improving quality; with devotion from all employees, the works were completed to the client’s satisfactory.
        As development was proceeded to the deeper section, higher ground pressure and more frequent rock bursts were encountered, which severely delayed the progress, given the circumstances two crews were assigned to excavate in opposite direction for better efficiency. However, the unique structural belt at 20m below 1087.5mL brought more challenges such as worse ground condition and constant water ingress, which again slowed down the progress. Therefore, excavation from opposite direction was changed back to single-end with an aim to ensure safety.
        At 15:18 on 8 Sept 2019, the breakthrough of main decline of Section I at Huanggang Project was completed successfully after blasting from 1050m, which was connected to 1087.5m.
        The breakthrough has a profound and positive influence on the future construction of Huanggang Project, and lays a solid foundation for future development of JCHX.