JCHX Passed Annual Inspection of SHEQ Management System

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The annual inspection on SHEQ management system was carried out by Beijing Zhongjianxie Certification Centre (JCC) from 8 to 11 Oct 2019 with satisfactory conclusion.
        As required by the procedures, the inspection group audited Board Office, Admin Center, Safety Production & Technology Management Center, HR Center, Operation Management Center, Equipment & Supply Center, and Huijin Project, subject to the standards, corporate management rules, program files and documents, for which process auditing method was applied.
        Through scrutinized auditing, the inspection group acknowledged that JCHX’s management policy and objectives were appropriate, performance measurement effective, QES management system well maintained, corporate commitment achieved, corporate management in line with the strategy and suit the demand and expectation of external customers, risks well controlled, opportunities seized, awareness of laws and regulations furtherly improved, applicable standards and requirements fully conformed, customer-oriented senses deeply promoted, contract requirements on work quality, timelines and schedule well met, customer satisfaction reached 100%, environmental awareness furtherly developed that pollution and costs better controlled, awareness of occupational health and safety furtherly raised that all policies complied, major accident eradicated, management capability improved at all levels, that targets for quality, environment, occupational health & safety management achieved.
        Therefore, a conclusion was made that SHEQ management system of JCHX constantly comply with the standards for which the management system certificates were issued.